General Knowledge

General knowledge is an important aspect of human life. If you don’t know what is happening around you, you might come off as stupid and can bar you from being a part of some healthy discussions.

We are living in a competitive modern world where there is always a challenge to know, in order to beat the race. This universe is full of information and knowledge. Every moment we are passing through different incidents, new discoveries, technologies, political agreements, unforeseen events and terrorist attacks.

Decision making very difficult without proper knowledge and you have to rely on the advice of the other people. We need to experience the world atleast through books, magazines, discussions. General Knowledge can be of a great importance to us. These days test based on general knowledge is a part of almost every interview. Moreover a person with good knowledge always conquers the discussion that he is part of and wins everyone with his knowledge.

General Knowledge is something that really helps us to grow both on personal as well as academic level. General knowledge opens gateways our thinking, and take it to a level from where the whole world seems to be a better place.

General knowledge also helps to grow your confidence level. General knowledge cannot be attained overnight. You need to be in constant touch with the entire world in order to gain as much knowledge as possible. Reading newspapers and listening to the news channels is an important practice to be adopted for staying updated.

General knowledge is very important in our lives and quizzes are an interesting way to stay aware and updated. They not only provide you with information but also help you to clear the challenging competitive exams. Generally, we can get the knowledge in different ways like watching the news, reading magazines etc.,


  1. Better Grades
  2. Makes conversation interesting
  3. Better decision making
  4. Helps parents to guide their children
  5. Effective interaction
  6. Enhance your public skills

Ways to improve General Knowledge:

  1. Reading
  2. Make notes
  3. Socialize
  4. Media